Our Equipment

First Degree Fitness S6 Laguna AR Fluid Rower

The commercial grade S6 Series Laguna Edition AR (Adjustable Resistance) Fluid Rower by First Degree Fitness is designed and engineered by professional rowers and craftsman using only the highest degree of quality components – ensuring complete satisfaction in function, performance, and reliability.  With its patented Fluid Technology, First Degree Fitness has incorporated the truest emulation of sensation, sight, and sound of real on-water rowing captured in the private setting of your own home.

The S6 Series Laguna Edition AR provides an ergonomically designed seat that rides on precision bearings and rollers for absolute smoothness, an upgraded footboard with advanced heel support, and an innovative soft grip handle to eliminate stress on the hands and wrist during the comfortable, but physical workout. The upgraded tank density and seals add to the product’s overall strength and endurance capabilities for convenient indoor use. Let the new S6 Series Laguna Edition AR Fluid Rower take you to the next level of rowing.

Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro

The new Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro leverages the iconic Schwinn air resistance reputation of durability and performance and updates it with a design and feature set in perfect alignment with today’s unique fitness challenges and environments. Whether you use it to bring your workouts to a new level or require the perfect total body cardio workout machine for your home; the new Schwinn® Airdyne® AD Pro delivers the latest in air resistance technology for effective and efficient workouts.


The CrossCore® story begins where traditional suspension-oriented training ends—by adding the new dimension of rotational movement. CrossCore gives you everything that traditional systems offer, but when you Pull the Pin™, you open the door to the next level of bodyweight training. Combined with our comprehensive educational programs, CrossCore delivers a whole new world of training possibilities.


Rotational Bodyweight Training™ (RBT™) is the evolution of suspended bodyweight training. RBT takes all the benefits of traditional bodyweight training exercises and adds instability, rotation and dynamic tension to challenge the user’s balance and core in ways never seen before. The anchored pulley system demands heightened body awareness, requiring quick but subtle reflexes to stabilize joint movement while also enhancing motor skills. These are qualities that have been shown to improve function and overall general fitness more than any other system.