Merge Story 

The MERGE program is over 20 years in the making. I’m Alfonso Moretti, career personal trainer, lifelong fitness enthusiast and former bodybuilding junkie.

I’ve created MERGE along with my wife Michelle.

I fell in love with weight lifting at an early age. I picked up my first dumbbell at the age of 13 and so began my career in fitness. Like most young boys, I wanted to get bigger and stronger and eventually I ended up competing in bodybuilding for over a decade.

But bodybuilding took its toll on my body. I was plagued with injuries and suffered many setbacks. Over time, I frequented the operating room and I have had five surgeries to repair the weight room damage. Currently I have two severely herniated discs in my lower spine that prevent me from participating in many sports and from using many exercises that I used to enjoy.

As I got older, I realized that I needed to treat my body with more respect and be mindful of the long-term effects of my choices in exercise. I also knew that I enjoyed challenging myself and training for new fitness goals. I thought I’d look within the fitness industry and see what types of classes and programs were available.

I found many group classes geared towards younger, healthy people – those without limitations, and classes that in my opinion are too risky for deconditioned individuals, people with injuries, and for those who are thinking of being healthy and fit for the rest of their lives – the long term. What I also noticed was that certified personal trainers weren’t teaching all of these popular and trendy classes!

It appears that a great playlist is all that is needed to lead people through a group exercise program. I wasn’t happy about that at all, and quite shocked to be honest.

Surely there had to be more classes and programs available other than riding bikes and running on treadmills…right? I also knew that I wasn’t interested in jumping up on wooden boxes, throwing my body down onto dirty floors and being screamed at to lift max weights.

I looked within my own workouts and I also recalled the thousands of training hours I’ve had with hundreds of clients over the last two decades. I thought about what I liked best, what my clients liked, what worked, what was most efficient and I thought about what forms of exercise I could combine or MERGE to synergistically provide a full body workout unlike anything available.

I’ve always enjoyed indoor rowing. I’ve routinely rowed in intervals during many of my workouts. I’ve used the original Schwinn Airdyne for years. In fact when I lived back East, I used to ride upwards of 15 miles while watching television at night. And I started using suspension training as I moved away from heavy weight training and bodybuilding. So I thought…

Why not combine all three!

When I met my wife, she, like many people had tried other popular fitness programs without seeing results. Before opening MERGE, I created a custom program for Michelle and her results were spectacular. So I began thinking – I have to bring this to the masses. I knew I had created a fun, safe, effective and efficient workout program that any BODY can use!

I personally needed a workout that minimizes risk of injury, is non-impact (because of my lower back injuries) and builds strength and fitness. I knew there would be many people like me and who also didn’t like the idea being crammed into a gym with 30 other people.

Looking back now, I can see that through all of those years of work and my own fitness journey, the MERGE program was being fine-tuned without me even knowing it. All of the protocols that I tried in my own workouts and as part of my clients sessions are now part of YOUR workout at MERGE.

The beauty of what we do at MERGE is that our program is balanced, meaning we work both the front and back of the body. We focus on posture, exercise form, core stability, cardiovascular fitness and total body strength.

And…certified personal trainers lead all MERGE workouts. But don’t worry, we have amazing playlists too!

The Laguna rower, the Airdyne and the CrossCore work synergistically to give you the most efficient, effective, non-impact and safest workout.

MERGE workouts are ‘hands on’ – literally. Every movement, every protocol, on each piece of equipment, utilize both upper and lower body musculature. We strengthen the body as a whole all while training the cardiovascular system for maximum aerobic capacity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, a woman, young, old, super fit, deconditioned, with limitations, injuries or not. Anybody can MERGE. It’s for every BODY!