Are you looking for a kick-start to weight loss, better health or to get stronger? How about all three! At MERGE, we know that nutrition is key to your fitness and health success.

With that in mind, MERGE has partnered with PH2 Nutrition to offer our signature 30 Hour Body program. For over 20 years, Founder Kevin Libby has defined his purpose by continually adopting the latest strategies in nutritional sciences. His dedication and his client’s results have labeled him an authority in nutrition since relocating to Los Angeles in 2013.

He’s credited with numerous Hollywood physiques that you’ve seen on the big screen, in print and on television. The results speak for themselves and Kevin has quickly become an authority on transformations. He prides himself on listening to his client’s needs and uses the latest technology available to fast track success without compromising their health.

With his approach there are no cookie cutter programs. Every aspect of his nutritional approach is 100% customized to the clients needs and followed up with necessary ongoing support.

“I help people restore balance, realize their potential, and live life to its fullest through nutrition”

- Kevin Libby

The program consists of 30 MERGE classes, 3 per week, to be taken over the course of 10 weeks. A MERGE trainer will guide you as to which classes are best suited to your individual goals.

You will also receive a 10 week nutrition plan, complete with initial lipid profile testing, resting metabolism calculation and body fat measurements. See below for the weekly nutrition plan breakdown.

Your better body is just 30 hours away!

30 Hour Body Program


What’s included:

Thirty (30) MERGE workouts; 3 per week x 10 weeks.
(all 30 workouts must be used within 11 weeks from start date)


PH2 Nutrition Package:

Week 1: Initial Consult 90 minutes *includes labs: Lipids, Hematocrit and RMR

Week 2: Activation session; 60 minutes *Includes custom supplement schedule

Week 4: Check In 30 minutes each *weigh in, body fat & menu adjustment

Week 6: Check In

Week 8: Check In

Week 10: Check In

Week 11: Final Check in, Re-check labs